Thank You

Thank You Nashville

As you all know, in May of this year all of us here at Soundcheck Nashville suffered a great loss and our amazing city of Nashville suffered an even greater loss. Our building, along with the Grand Ole Opry House, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, The Country Music Hall of Fame, countless musicians, and artists sustained extensive water damage from unprecedented floodwaters.

My staff and I found ourselves rendered helpless as we watched in disbelief as the waters rose. Having always regarded the storage and safety of our artists’ and facility’s equipment as one of our highest professional priorities, it was a scene of indescribable heartbreak for us and something we will never forget.

During this time, before the waters had even started to recede, many of you where already calling to offer assistance. The speed in which we found our friends rallying around us was overwhelming and we truly could not have accomplished the monumental task of exiting, repairing, and rebuilding with the speed and efficiency in which we did without their help. Both old friends and new were lined up to offer compassion, encouragement, kind words, and prayers of support. To all of you that were there for us during this ordeal, we will be forever grateful. It would be impossible to thank everyone individually so on behalf of everyone at Soundcheck I am extending our sincerest gratitude to all those who participated in assisting us in our time of need.

We would also like to thank our sister companies, Soundcheck Austin, and CenterStaging/SCLA for their backup support in making sure we were able to cover all our rentals, shows and artist support responsibilities during the cleanup process.

To all the manufacturers that work so closely with us day in and day out, who really stepped up for us when we needed them most, we extend our gratitude and appreciation for their continued support.

As we start to settle back into our Soundcheck home, we are reminded of those who have lost so much more and to that consideration we especially want to express our deepest and most fervent sympathies to the families of those 31 people who lost their lives.

On a personal note I would like to thank NARAS & Musicares for their direct support in helping the everyday working musician.

Thanks again and again…


S. Ben Jumper