Sorry for the lack of posts. We’re dealing with a bad internet connection, and have had lots of meetings and visitors. We drove by on I-24 about 2 hours ago. It looks as if the water had only gone down maybe another foot.

Please, no one attempt to go down to the buildings. The police are patrolling the area, the water is nasty enough to make leaches sick, and there is still power running to most of the buildings. We will alert you to when it is safe to come down, and we are going to try to have people come down in an orderly fashion. We have limited dock space and we cannot clog up Cowan street and the 740 parking lost with trucks. Remember we share the 750 and 820 buildings with other people who are also going to be trying to get their stuff out.

I’m working on getting some video from the helicopter flight put up here. It will have to wait till I get home to better internet.