Moving Forward

As we start to settle into our temporary home, work on Cowan is moving at a brisk pace.  Which is great, because we have receive  calls from many of you asking when we are going to be back in the buildings on Cowan Street. Well, we have come up with a tentative timeline.

You should  be able to start moving back into your lockers around the middle of June. We must have all gear out of the Ambrose warehouses by June 28th.   Any gear that is moving back into Soundcheck must be cleaned and sanitized. We will have a space outside of the Ambrose warehouse were you can bring your power washer and clean and sanitize anything you want to save.  For the items you are throwing away, please call and arrange for dumpsters to be available to you for disposing of your gear. You will be responsible for the disposing and for the dumpster fee.  You may want to check with your insurance representative regarding disposal.

Once your gear is clean and ready to move back to Cowan, you’ll need to arrange trucking and labor.  If you need assistance, please schedule cartage via the Soundcheck cartage line at 726-3591 .  Just keep in mind that we will be in the process of moving our gear as well.

We already have people asking for and reserving locker space, so if you are moving back in please call and reserve the space you need. Several people have requested larger lockers but we know many people are not going to need as much space as they did before the flood.  We ask that you start now to evaluate your needs and let us know as soon as possible.

We hope to have our offices moved back in by the first of July, and we hope to be doing rehearsals by the middle of July. Thank you friends, for your support.