Corki O'Dell to be inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our dear friend, Corki O’Dell, for her induction into the Musicians Hall of Fame!

Corki Casey O’Dell- In Phoenix, Arizona, in the mid-Fifties, a small group of musicians were making groundbreaking recordings that would help to define the sound of Rock and Roll.  Corki Casey O’Dell was the lone woman musician in this group.  In 1956, she played rhythm guitar on Sanford Clark’s The Fool, a Top Ten hit record. In 1957 and ’58, she played rhythm guitar on Duane Eddy’s Moovin’ ‘n Groovin’ and Ramrod. She played on most of Eddy’s recordings in Phoenix, including Peter Gunn, Forty Miles of Bad Road, and his signature tune, Rebel Rouser, which would be featured years later in the film Forrest Gump. Corki’s rhythm guitar playing on so many pioneering hit records earned her the title of The First Rock and Roll Sidechick.