Guitar Amp Rentals

Vintage or Modern, Tube, Solid State or Digital, Classic Chime or Sheering Metal Edge. Rock and Roll Standard or Boutique Depth – What ever your signature sound is, Soundcheck is ready!

Soundcheck - The Largest Guitar Amp Backline Rentals in Nashville

We also carry a wide section of Speaker Cabinets & Pedal Steel Amps to suite your tastes.


Peavey (Budda)


5150II Head JSX head Acoustasonic Acoustasonic Jr.
Nashville 1000 Nashville 400 65 Twin Reissue Hot Rod DeVille 2X12
Nashville 1×12 Classic 50 2X12 Hot Rod DeVille 4X10 Blues DeVille
Classic 50 4X10 Triple X 1X12 Super Sonic Twin Red knob
Classic 30 1X12 Session 400 Bassman Pro Junior
Delta Blues 6505 Head Deluxe Reverb Hot Rod Deluxe
VB3 Head Valve King 100 Vibrolux Blues Junior III
3120 Head Budda V40 Twin Silver Face Super Sonic
Budda Super Drive 30 Series II
4×12 Cab JSX 4X12 Cab


Mesa Boogie

JCM 900 50W JCM 800 100W Lonestar 2X12 Combo Dual Rectifier Head
JCM 900 100W JCM 2000 DSL Nomad Triple Rectifier Head
JCM 2000 TLS 100 1960AV 4X12 Cab Mark IV 4×12 Cabs
4×12 75w Cabs 1960B 4X12 Cab
4×12 1960 BX Cab 2×12 1936 Cab
4×12 25 Watt 1960 AX Cab


Genz Benz

Shenandoah 300 stereo Deluxe
Shenandoah Acoustic 100

Dr Z


Carmen Ghia KT 45 Triple Drve Supreme HMR
Mantis ODS Combo
4×12 Cab


65 Amps

DC 30 Soho Head London Head
2×12 Cab


Line 6

KC-500 JC-120 Flextone 3 4×12 Cab
6260-2X12 DT-50 Head
333XL 2X12 Combo

Trace Elliot


TA100R 2×12 Cab AC-30 (Top Boost, Hand Wired, or CC)



RM 100 RM20 HP Head KC-500 JC-120
2X12 Cab KC-550 key amp



California Blonde II 4 x 12 cab 2 x 12 cab
Artisan 30  Series 100



Mr.Clean 40 Sentienel AD30 Head 2×12
4×12 Cab   Rocker Verb 50 Head   4×12





Soundcheck - The Largest Guitar Amp Backline Rentals in Nashville

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