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Bass Amp Rentals

Soundcheck carries one of the largest selections of bass amps for rent in Nashville

Soundcheck -  Largest Bass Backline in Nashville

 We carry all the latest and all the greatest bass amplifiers and cabinets so you never have to compromise your tone.



Gallien Krueger (GK)

SVT VR Head SVT Pro 3 Head   800 RB Head Fusion 550 Head
1×15 Combo SVT Pro 4 Head   1001 RB Head Neo 8×10
SVT CL Head SVT Pro 8 Head   2001 RB Head NEO 2X12 Cabinet
BA 600 Combo Porta-Flex   Neo 1X15 Cab NEO 4X12 Cabinet
8X10 Cabinet 1×15 Cabinet   NEO 4X10 Cabinet  
4×10 Cabinet        




WT 800 Bass Head D410XST 4X10 Cabinet   SM 900 Bass Head 8X10 Bass Cabinet
D410XLT 4X10 Cabinet D115XLT 1X15 Cabinet   750X Bass Head SM 500 Bass Head
      Goliath III 4X10 Cabinet 1X15 Bass Cabinet



Mesa Boogie

Tour Bass 700 8×10 Bass Cabinet   Big Black Head 2X12 Cabinet
4X10 Cabinet 1X15 Cabinet   M Pulse 600 8X10 Cabinet



Genz Benz

DB 750 Head DB 4X12 Cabinet   GBE-1200 Head 810T-UB 8×10 Cabinet
AG500 Head 1x15 Cabinet   GBE 600 Head 4X10 Cabinet
4X10 Cabinet     Shuttle 6.0  




400 Pro Bass Combo 800 Pro Bass Head   Tour Bass 700 Basic 112 Bass Amp
4X10 Bass Cabinet 6x10 Cabinet   Fire Bass 700 8X10 Bass Cabinet
      4X10 Bass Cabinet  




HA 3500 Bass Head        
4X10 Cabinet        

Soundcheck -  Largest Bass Backline in Nashville

 Need something that isn’t on the list? Our inventory is growing every day, give us a call!