Amp Repair

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know, we’ve received many of your amps and will begin working on them first thing Monday morning. We have a great temporary location sorted out. Big kudos to Ben & Katie Jumper, Jan, Matt, and everyone at Soundcheck for getting this sorted so quickly. We will be up and running ON MONDAY with a few tech rooms, an office, some workbenches, and even air conditioning! We will have phones and internet some time around mid week. Things are progressing rapidly in large part to the community effort. There are so many people to thank. Incidentally, most of our tools and test equipment came literally a few inches of being destroyed. Nearly all of the scopes, soldering stations, variacs, et al survived! Had they not, things would be much more challenging right now…

We have a good plan devised for amp triage. We are optimistic that we will be able to restore many amps to their original condition…or as close as humanly possible. The most important thing to know is DO NOT try to turn your amp on if it’s been flooded!!! The transformers will need to be tested and probably rebaked. Mercury Magnetics has kindly offered to provide this service to us (and you) free of charge. They have been extremely helpful…thank you Patrick and everyone at Mercury! We are eager to get started. These amazing amps and the story behind each and every one is truly awe inspiring. Our hope is to hear them played and enjoyed again by you along with the new story that each amp will now carry forward. Again, if you have any questions, please .

Tour Supply will also be open at the new emergency facility this week. We lost a good bit of inventory but whatever we need immediately to fulfill orders can be shipped in from our other locations or from manufacturers. In many cases, manufacturers are providing assistance in the way of discounts and terms in order to assist in the recovery process. Any such benefit will be passed along to our clients. Thanks again so much to everyone who has helped out. We’re extremely grateful and are looking forward to getting back to work on Monday! Our Nashville office # is 615-251-9100 or you can, or and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Tour Supply, Inc.

Randy, Joe, Blount, Michael, Lance