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A Message from Tour Supply

Dear Friends,

We are deeply saddened by the recent flood and subsequent damage that we have all incurred. However, we are resolved to get through this together and look forward to being a key part of the rebuilding process. We are working on a few programs to help out our community immediately. We will be offering Tube Amp Restoration services through Tour Supply as soon as we can get a temporary office set up. Randy Gabbard, who many of you know, is one of the most qualified tube techs in the country. Randy will be in charge of the restoration program and will have help from the rest of our staff. We have also received encouraging offers of assistance from our friends at Mercury Magnetics, Electro Harmonix (Sovtek, EH tubes), and others who will help us keep costs down in offering these services. We’re aware that many of you have relics that can never be adequately replaced. It is our hopes in offering this service that we can salvage as many of these priceless items as possible and restore them to original condition. If you would like to get your amp in line for service, please send an email to fixmyamp@toursupply.com and let us know what make/model/year your amp is. This will help us to order enough tubes and parts to have on hand for everyone.

On a personal note, the offers of help have been truly overwhelming. We’re so grateful to be part of this community and have so many great friends here inNashville. Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers. We look forward to getting Sound Check rebuilt and helping our community recover from this disaster.


Tour Supply Nashville

Lance, Randy, Joe, Blount, Michael

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